Remote Learning Perks

September travel?

we can learn geology

and visit arches

we can buy peaches

from the orchards where they’re grown

relishing their juice

yet COVID follows

with at-capacity parks,

a shut-down ghost town

my motto follows:

be prepared. pack sushi, fruit.

drive towards the sunset.

find the world’s curves

where the sky clears away smoke

and we can just. breathe.

Ode to Toaster Oven

why yes, i bake things

(zucchini things in summer)

feels like Hell’s Kitchen

my oven burned me

burned us all with its heat spread

well, not anymore

that’s right, baby:

a 9×13 glass dish,

two 8-inch cake pans

this Breville will hold

a 12-inch cast iron pan

without burning us

worth every penny

(it’s not even Christmas yet)

boy am i ready