Find the Fleeting Light

scaling these cliff walls
 feels easier than your words
 of guilt and judgment

 yet, rivers sparkle;
 ancients thrived here, not survived
 (just like you and me)

 too much to take in–
 the beauty of history,
 of sights still unseen,

 of children’s faces
 as youth clings as fleetingly
 as the setting sun

 we are captive here
 in these soft moments of light
 (help me preserve them)

My Gym Today

city officials planned my afternoon,
 marking a triangular pink line
 ready for tomorrow’s slaughter
 (for an inclusive world)
 the girls and i set to work,
 abandoned wagon in tow,
 trip after trip filled with rocks and rhubarb
 ready to be salvaged
 in neat lines we laid our stones,
 replanted our ripe-ready fruit,
 made easy plans for controlling mulch
 and baking tart spring pies
 the girls ran off with new neighbors
 (one stayed behind to lend muscle and wheelbarrow)
 and my workout was taken over
 by heavy lifting and a dream house