New Year’s Eve

in 2019

Bruce learned to ski from up high

into a new life

in 2019

a drain drained our resources

and worsened our debt

in 2019

my girls adjusted again

to life’s challenges

in 2019

we were given the rare chance

to make a difference

in 2019

we traveled through the country

searching for ourselves

in 2020

we’ll make a better life

everywhere we go

Road Trip 2019: North Dakota

i never listen

when someone says it’s boring

i always find fun

North Dakota wins

kindness, camping, paddling

and late-night sunsets

Earth lodge history

and indigenous genius

round out this cycle

with Art Deco touch

to capitalize the north

and give us this view

all in a day’s work:

this “boring” state makes dreams bright

campfires and all