New Year’s Eve

in 2019

Bruce learned to ski from up high

into a new life

in 2019

a drain drained our resources

and worsened our debt

in 2019

my girls adjusted again

to life’s challenges

in 2019

we were given the rare chance

to make a difference

in 2019

we traveled through the country

searching for ourselves

in 2020

we’ll make a better life

everywhere we go


with aching muscles
i nestle into the leather couch
surrounded by strangers,
our children
piling on top of
giant silver foam blocks,
forming friendships
as quickly
as the silvery flakes falling
outside the wall
of white-framed windows.

i watch the snow slither
into the city,
the silver titanium points
of this art museum
a perfect picture frame
of the silvery cityscape of skyscrapers
standing tall against the winter.

it is all warmth here,
all smiles,
and we could stay all afternoon
or forever in my memory.

Haiku Tuesday

i’ll be exhausted
until the day squeezes out
more hours to soothe me.

is anything on
ever worth watching for more
than i can swallow?

her hands on mine aren’t
what i thought would make my weekend,
but snow will turn you.

speaking of blown snow,
what comes out of my drunk mouth
chills everyone here.

smiles wiped weariness
away from my doldrum day
with childhood relived.