Ten Haikus for 2010

Only in Denver
do we enjoy seventy
degrees and then snow.

Running eight hot miles
is easier than having
to say no to you.

Watching Grease again
I wonder if I’m being
their very best mom.

Screaming loud children
are like daffodils: better
when the sun is out.

Two dark chocolate cakes,
one happy hour, zero
days of school: perfect.

Parents who dislike
teachers should home-school their kids
and stop degrading.

Girls wearing dresses
are rainbows shining brightly
after the downpour.

Family is a gift
and also a sacrifice
that makes us complete.

Television steals
moments that we should share to
make the world better.

Spring is a wild breeze
that ushers out winter’s cold
and blows in summer.

Ready for Summer

Snow fell in circular wet flurries
as I drove to work this morning
(not even sticking to the road)
making everyone drive just a bit slower

I revved the engine, seeing no ice,
my mind on the last picture I saw
flash on my desktop (the one of us
all in the swan boat in Providence)

my hair was too short and we were
sleeveless under the scorching sun
grins popping out our cheeks,
eyes squinting to block the rays

The snow will slink away by noon
and summer will still be on my mind
as I sit in my windowless world of work,
keeping my hot imagery close, ready.

Ode to Snow

I love the way you whisper across the sky
and just as gently touch the skin of the road
in swirls as graceful as ballerinas,
dancing away from the tires that try to pound you.

I love the way you quietly decorate the trees
more picture-perfectly than a white wedding cake,
more idyllic than the solitude of dreamland,
frosting my eyes with your sparkling glory.

I love the way you arrive without arrogance,
sliding in from your silvery satin clouds,
snatching the cold from our hearts and
trapping its truth within each flake.

I love how you slip into conversations
sometimes filled with excitement and joy,
sometimes filled with a terror or fright
that people recall for years to come.

I love how you selflessly offer yourself to the world,
how, catlike, you sneak in and make this time,
this place, a different shade of happiness,
bringing us all a beauty that we could never create.