Nino’s Antiques

home: car cleaning bribe
 so i can get my work done
 and they earn their game
 insurance battle
 because i won’t be bullied
 by corporations
 i wash out bottles
 and my new/old egg beater
 from Nino’s Antiques
 (the shop in Gorham
 i went to as a child
 with just two pennies
 and Nino emerged
 with his wax-curled mustache
 and sold me his goods
 and this egg beater
 will remind me: he’s still there
 in my timeless town
 his mustache now gray
 asking my girls about school
 his PBS on
 selling his antiques
 for much too little money
 and chatting with kids
 he’s no CEO
 no insurance scam artist
 my hometown hero)

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