Anywhere but Here

with windows wide: write.
 because you’ve missed my poems, love.
 since yesterday’s dawn
 girls in sun’s shadow
 as she announces her move.
 life: cycle in, out.

you know you’ve missed me
 my “seven-likes” followers
 ’cause i didn’t write
 you count me daily
 amongst the regular loves
 that make us a life
 and i was just born.
 (it was like i was just born
 the day i met him)

’cause seventeen years
 can’t be measured in mountains
 or wildflowers

or whining children.
 but in the steps we oft take
 on our way back home
 and in sunsets. Sun!
 lighting my way across love
 across city, life.

cutting down this ‘hood
 into what it’s meant to be:
 scraped, demolished, lost.
 circular i am
 because that’s how tires spin:
 neverending globe

that brings us back home
 wherever that home may be.
 anywhere but here.

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