Problem Solving

she wants an answer
 and i want a solution:
 not an easy mix
 i stare at Wash Park
 paddles, crayfish everywhere
 and think of that day
 when we were problems
 we were each other’s problems
 and that was okay
 she’d never been there
 and we pedaled that huge bike
 each one disabled
 we ate what we ate
 we chewed what we chewed: bitter
 yet: so fucking sweet
 and why i hate now:
 because i have everything
 (nothing without her)
 money doesn’t buy
 that once-in-a-lifetime love
 trapped inside boxes
 so what’s my answer?
 there’s no easy solution
 to a broken heart
 but let us fix it
 pedal away from Wash Park
 be wholly ourselves

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