A Few of My 57 Curriculum Training Haikus

 summer holidays:
 curriculum training hell
 for texts i won’t teach
 at least we get paid
 for wasted time this Monday
 (planning my vacay)
 psycho white girl texts
 with teen serial killers:
 way to start the year.
 unit one: three essays?
 complex texts, presentations…
 for kids who don’t read
 college and career:
 key words to pressure teachers
 to make miracles.
 standards-based rulers
 measure how inadequate
 their understanding is
 what the fuck is this?
 we’re making popcorn today?
 kernels are for birds
 connect to their lives
 teen rebellion feeds us all
 and sucks life from us
 i’ll catch you some notes:
 a real, low-level class–
 let’s try a scaffold
 these questions lack hope
 for virtually all our kids
 we’re adding rigor?
 curriculum rocks
 when i write it for my kids
 so why am i here?
 can we read the texts,
 plan together with our teams,
 stop mindless bullshit?
 anchor my thoughts, please:
 texts are not relatable
 to kids in my class
 2:24 (Heinz 57)
 i’m making ketchup
 though it sure as fuck needs spice
 just like this training

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