Instead of Bitching…

Tuesday win! I found this great recipe for one of my favorites, chicken marsala. That’s right, on a blah Tuesday night, I made chicken marsala!

Only instead of fettuccine, penne; instead of fresh thyme, dried thyme; instead of a purple shallot, a red onion; instead of heavy cream, evaporated milk; instead of chicken broth, vegetable broth; instead of mushrooms, artichoke hearts and cream of mushroom soup (40% less fat); and last but not least… instead of marsala wine, cooking wine mixed with Botabox Pinot Noir.

I know you’re jealous. It takes a really creative digger to be this good of a Tuesday night chef.

And instead of complaining, all the kids said they preferred this version instead of the original.

So instead of bitching, I’ll just enjoy these leftovers tomorrow.

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