Coronatine Victory Garden

a small victory

using my hands to plant peas

as they fought spring snow

as they outgrew me

using my hands to pick peas

during quarantine

they made two harvests

using my hands to shell peas

a small victory

2 thoughts on “Coronatine Victory Garden

  1. I’m freezing peas today as well. It’s been SO hot and dry, they won’t last much longer. I pick them in the mornings and then shell them indoors during the worst heat of the day, which gives me a welcome break. The very end of this month, I’ll plant “Wando” peas, which will do well in the heat of August as long as I water, and give me a nice harvest just as autumn begins to think of turning to winter. Which variety did you grow?

    • I don’t know the variety. They were just in baggies given to me by a friend. I cleared out all the peas plants today to make room for the tomatoes and zucchini.

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